Janaseva Vidyakendra

Janaseva Vidyakendra a residential school for boys was started in 1972 with just 13 boys. It has now strength of around 550 students, studying from 5 th to 10 th standard. Due to its educational and service activities it has carved a name for it self both with in and out side Karnataka. Boys are drawn from all over the state and even out side. t is a shining example of the blending of modern education with ideals of Gurukula training. The school evoked appreciation from hundreds of parents as also from the department of public Instruction of the state government.

Apart from mere academics this organization seeks to impart discipline, Obedience and inculcate love for the country and devotion to God. A distinguishing feature which has significantly contributed to the concept of Gurukala is the presence of a number of qualified and energetic young men who are perennially involved in the growth of the students. This apart they shoulder various responsibilities of the school, like agriculture, Horticulture, dairy etc in addition to teaching and hostel management, with exemplary missionary zeal. The staffs live in the campus itself and attend to various needs of the students.

Attention is given to the harmonious of the personality of each student apart from the common features such ad the usual games and literary activities, the boys are given training in yogasana, dhyana, vedic recitation, self discipline etc. The boys are induced to take interest in manual labor and social service also. They visit nearby villages and take part in literacy drive as well as health surveys, etc. Instruction is provided in kannada medium up mto the seventh standard while at the higher secondary level, both English and Kannada are offered.